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September, 4 B.C.

According to ancient lore, kings and messiahs were born in September. After giving birth under the caring and watchful eyes of the anxious alien doctors, nurses, technicians, and scientists at the sterile moon laboratory, Mary, Joseph, and their newborn son were lovingly escorted to the landing pod, and gently loaded into the waiting craft along with the accompanying medical personnel to whisk all of them quickly back to Earth.

The clear, cloudless sky along with the natural shine of late-night moonbeams, turned the returning spacecraft into a glowing ball of light, which didn't go unnoticed by the shepherds and farmers tending their flocks of sheep and goats that evening outside the tiny town of Bethlehem.

"Look at that moving star," one young shepherd said to his companion, pointing out the movement of the bright object in the night sky. "It looks like it's coming straight at us!"

With their terrified watchdogs barking loudly in the direction of the moving light source, his companion answered, "Stars don't move like that. Look, it's coming down just over that next hill. Let's see what it is." At least a dozen other herders who had seen the same thing also began their walk in the direction of the steep hill, which was now cloaking the arrival of the silver-colored saucer.

Bethlehem had been chosen as the recovery and recuperation site for Mary and the baby because it was the home of Salome, Mary's sister, and her husband Simon. The location was also close to the secret Essenic base by Qumran. And Mary had insisted that she wanted to be with family, and that it was only at Salome's house that she felt safe and comfortable for her, Joseph, and their first-born son.

Upon departing the craft, the travelers found a waiting wooden cart hitched up to a donkey. Mary, her baby, and the two female nurses got into the cart. Joseph and the lone alien physician took the reins of the donkey, and began walking the short distance to the home of Salome and Simon in the slumbering town. After removing the human cargo, the craft slowly lifted off the ground and moved to a stationary location in the sky, roughly 1000 feet above the center of the town of Bethlehem, and closely monitored the steady movement of the small party traversing the pebbly road to their final destination.

Following the uneventful 15 minute walk, the group finally arrived at their predetermined location. Though deep into the night, a short knock brought an excited Salome and Simon to the door. They welcomed their visitors with hugs and handshakes, and led them to their living quarters, a back room used mainly for storage, but which had been specially prepared for Mary and the newborn. A large manger had been fitted with blankets and linens into a comfortable bed for Mary and her son.

Joseph, the two nurses, and the alien doctor helped Mary onto the bed, and put her newborn son into her arms. Exhausted by the birthing experience, flight back to earth, and the bumpy wagon ride into town, Mary quickly fell asleep. An alien nurse quietly took the resting baby from Mary's arms, and placed him in his own small cradle near the bed. Then all the inhabitants of the home found their sleeping spots, and a calming quietness spread throughout the house.

The baby boy appeared perfect, yet different, to the knowing eye. The end result of the adaptive experimental medical procedures fostered by the alien doctors was successful. However, the nine-month gestation period was anything but easy for the young female host.

To make this child special, countless intrusive corrective surgeries had been instigated. Many of them involved splicing procedures to fortify the baby's autoimmune system: mRNA splicing, RNA-editing, and alternative splicing. To strengthen brain development and capacity, the alien physicians initiated chromosomal rearrangement and added extra dosages of endothelin during the first three months of the pregnancy.

A synthetic mutator protein was injected into the fetus during the second trimester to lighten the skin tone. This procedure alone would differentiate the newborn infant from all other Jewish babies, and solidify his position as the "messiah of men." Neurogenesis was performed to enhance all genetic modifications in the growth factor of the nervous system.

It was always planned by the aliens that this baby, long destined to be named Jesus, would fulfill the prophecies of old. Even though alien influence did not fully immerse itself into religion or politics of the day, a decision had been mutually reached by the Essenic leaders and their extraterrestrial brethren to make this child the "savior" long sought by the Jewish people.

To make Jesus into the greatest mystical being to walk the face of the earth, the alien scientists created several biotransformational treatments to aid in the process. In one treatment, a sensory transduction protein was injected into the fetus two months before birth. The special injection of pyranosyl RNA (pRNA) was an RNA derivative that the alien doctors called their "molecule of life." The purpose of this injection was to heighten the awareness of Jesus to extracellular signals, such as light, taste, sound, touch, and smell.

To heighten awareness that would give Jesus telepathic and other metaphysical and paranormal powers during his lifetime, the alien surgeons performed an extraordinarily complex procedure that included constructing bio-based neuron circuits in the brain using concentrations of DNA nanostructure molecules located in newly-created four-strand DNA quadruplex structures. These prototypical micro-processing molecular agents were first grouped together in a test tube, underwent several chemical interaction procedures taking several weeks, and finally were stranded together into the correct combination before being implanted into the cerebellum of the resilient eight-month fetus.

Finally, in a breathtaking medical procedure barely a month before the birth that constituted a tremendous risk on the part of the alien scientists, sensitive tissue remodeling using transducers, recombinant DNA, biomedical engineering, and nanotechnology was performed during a nine-hour surgery. Mary's heart had stopped twice on the operating table during the procedure. But she was quickly revived, with no harm to her or the baby.

This tissue remodeling was extremely necessary because it created the final link for the immortality of Jesus: It would provide the alien scientists with enough human genetic material to construct a cloned replica of Jesus the man if one was ever needed.